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VSE Corporation Headquarters

6348 Walker Lane
Alexandria, VA 22310

(703) 960-4600  VOICE / (703) 960-2688  FAX

For more information, send email to: info@vsecorp.com

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Business Development

Small Business Partnership
Christine Kaineg ~703-329-3263

Wheeler Bros., Inc.
Marty Zelder ~ 814-443-7053

  • Key Area: Supply Chain Management
  • Additional Keywords: Procurement Legacy System Repair Parts; Reverse Engineering; Material Planning and Sourcing; Logistics Visibility and Asset Tracking; Warehouse

Federal Services Group
Tim Edwards ~ 703-329-4660

Don Babcock ~703-329-4254

Merritt Otto ~ 703-329-4226

  • Key Area: Special Operations Forces (SOF)

Energetics, Incorporated
Tom Perrot ~ 410-423-6557

  • Key Area: Consulting
  • Additional Keywords: Grid Modernization, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy, Energy Policy, and Infrastructure Protection and Resilience

Robert May, Jr. ~ 703-329-4619 Cell: 804-357-1549

  • Key Area: IT Solutions
  • Additional Keywords: Information Technology Services and Solutions; Medical Logistics; Medical Command & Control; E-health; Information Assurance; Recovery Case; Public Safety; Web-Based Technologies; Enterprise Architecture; Data Migration, Management Mining


Human Resources
Information ~ 703-329-4353
Toll-free ~ 1-888-873-8972

Corporate Support Offices

Corporate Secretary
Thomas M. Kiernan ~ 703-329-4721

Chief Financial Officer
Thomas R. Loftus ~ 703-329-4263

Chief Information Officer
David W. Chivers ~ 703-329-3217

Vice President of Contracts and Procurement
Crystal Douglas ~ 703-329-4717

Vice President, Facilities Management
H. Eugene Hosier ~ 703-329-4246

Vice President, Quality Systems Management
Robert W. Rouzer ~ 703-329-3240

Vice President, Health, Environmental, and Safety
Robert W. Rouzer ~ 703-329-3240

Security Officer
Paul W. Duncan ~ 703-329-4241

Investor Relations
Christine Kaineg ~ 703-329-3263

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