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VSE has made a corporate commitment to the utilization and promotion of small business partners across all of its business units and service areas. To become part of the VSE Team, we invite you to register your company’s capability information by completing a profile within the VSE govWin subcontractor database. To register, please go to: https://om.govwin.com/vsecorp/contract/index.




VSE Corporation helps organizations succeed through the effective use of people, systems, and technology. In helping others succeed, we increase shareholder value by capturing new work, delighting our customers, increasing our technical competence, and building great industry teammates. Our reputation for success and our quality management system are based on honesty and integrity in everything we do; communications, teamwork and leadership; and on an enduring commitment to help our customers, employees, and teaming partners succeed with cost effective solutions, continuous learning, and process improvement.




Since 1959, VSE has continually expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of its clients. Today, VSE is an ISO 9001:2008-registered professional services company whose mission is to create, sustain, and improve the systems, products, and processes of government to meet today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s. While VSE’s core competencies continue to evolve, our guiding principles are unchanged – delivering quality products and services that meet the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers, on time, and at a fair price. For more information on VSE and our clients, please visit www.vsecorp.com/clients.




VSE is looking to team with small businesses that possess sought after qualities that offer innovative technology that conform to the customers requirements, excellent past performance, a well established financial structure, an understanding of federal acquisition processes including the ability to analyze an RFP and provide well developed responses that contribute to the win strategy of a team. Should you feel that your company possess the qualities that VSE is looking for in a teaming relationship, please register through the VSE govWin database. Once within the VSE govWin database, you will be directed to complete a brief company profile. Register in govWin by going to https://om.govwin.com/vsecorp/contract/index and clicking on the green button on the right side of the screen. Your company profile will be available for VSE once permission is granted, as well as by other government contractors within the network, to research and inquiry about your company for potential teaming and subcontracting opportunities. Opportunities can also be posted and viewed from other government contractors. Access will be available to the govWin Knowledge Library, Blog Posts, News Articles, and Events Calendar.  Questions regarding the VSE Small Business Program or registering to do business within the VSE Partnering Network; should be directed to Ms. Christine Kaineg, VSE’s Small Business Liaison Officer at crkaineg@vsecorp.com.


VSE Small Business Program Directory

Christine Kaineg
Small Business Liaison Officer

Crystal Douglas
Vice President of Contracts and Procurement

Dana Katalinas
Director, Marketing and Business Development



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