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Ground based C4ISR
Ground based C4ISR PhotoVSE offers the ability to support the entire lifecycle of C4ISR systems. From R&D and prototyping through production, fielding, logistics, maintenance, and technology refreshment, VSE offers a proven record of performance, extensive personnel expertise, and the resources required to ensure program success.

VSE’s record of support to C4ISR and Electronic Warfare systems spans nearly four decades. Dating back to VSE’s early support to 4 of the 6 major EW systems developed in the 1970s-1980s [TEAMMATE, TRAILBLAZER, TRAFFICJAM, and TACJAM], and continuing through to this day with technology insertion and prototyping of new tactical communications systems, mobile ground tracking/receiving station systems, and tactical imaging systems, VSE has developed extensive corporate capabilities in C4ISR and EW systems engineering and support.

Highlights of VSE’s experience include engineering and fabricating the US Army Tactical Message System (TMS), AN-TYC-24(V) 1, that supports the DMS Messaging software, and providing contractor field team support to such systems as the AN/PRD-12 Lightweight Man-Transportable Radio Direction Finding System.





VSE’s ground-based C4ISR support clients include:


US Army

US Marine Corps


VSE supports ground-based C4ISR systems with:





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