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Bare Base Systems
Bare Base Systems Photo

VSE provides global support to Bare Base systems and other War Reserve Materials (WRM) to provide mission-essential materiel required to attain Defense planning objectives.

VSE’s lifecycle support for Bare Base systems ranges from management of the U.S. Air Force Bare Base System Program Office’s acquisition budget to engineering support for deployable structures, field kitchens, hospitals, living facilities, water system, power distribution, fuel systems, and packaging. This support includes evaluating all change proposals and drawings, participating in first article testing, and performing design modifications and changes.

VSE also provides ongoing global deployment, logistics, and maintenance support for Bare Base and WRM assets around the world. VSE’s expertise ranges from maintaining nearly 400 increments of Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) assets in Guam to providing USAF logistics automation in support of WRM activities related to munitions. VSE has also supported the USMC in the maintenance of its pre-positioned equipment loaded aboard ships and currently provides ongoing facilities support to the program.





VSE’s Bare Base/WRM support clients include:


USAF Air Combat Command

USAF Air Mobility Command

U.S. Marine Corps


VSE supports Bare Base/WRM with:





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