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Environmental Control Units
Environmental Control Units PhotoVSE’s environmental control unit (ECU) expertise ranges from acquisition planning to ongoing technology insertion and maintenance support and includes both platform-integrated and standalone systems for a variety of commercial and military applications.

VSE provides total lifecycle support capabilities for ECUs. VSE has supported market surveys and acquisition programs for systems ranging from 2-ton A/C compressors to 350K BTU field space heaters, providing government clients with cost-effective, mission-oriented solutions to a variety of environmental control requirements.

VSE also maintains significant expertise in the systems integration and maintenance of ECUs into a variety of platforms, from ground combat vehicles to aircraft carriers. Our experience ranges from prototyping an Integrated Powers, Environmental Control, and Chemical/Biological Protection System (IPECCS) to replace individual components used in SICPS shelters to designing trailer-mounted Environmental Control/Power systems to support the U.S. Army's Battalion Aid Station (BAS) to maintaining 75-ton refrigeration plants on Navy ships.





VSE’s ECU support clients include:






U.S. Marine Corps

Foreign Governments


VSE supports ECUs with:





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