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Power Generation / Distribution
Power Generation / Distribution Photo VSE has vast experience in providing power generation and distribution systems for commercial and military applications. These include both stand alone systems and those integrated into shelters and military vehicles.

VSE’s power generation system experience includes development of new systems such as a prototype 10kW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) utilizing Permanent Magnet Generator technology. VSE also provides systems conversion support such as re-powering kits for the 30kW and 60kW standard military generator sets and developing an engine replacement retrofit kit for the standard military 3kW generator set. VSE also offers expertise in integrating power systems with other vehicle support systems such as the prototype Integrated Power and Environmental Control Chemical/biological protection Shelter (IPECCS) unit to replace the separate APU, Environmental Control Unit, and chemical/biological filter on fielded SICPS shelters.

VSE has designed and delivered a wide range of power distribution system (PDS) solutions that include AC to DC conversion, DC to AC inversion, frequency conversion, and DC to DC conversion. VSE has provided a 495kW PDS to the Army from concept to delivery in 90 days and designed tactical power adapters that convert a wide range of AC and DC inputs to provide NATO 28VDC outputs and high efficiency (low loss) variable DC outputs.





VSE’s power generation/distribution clients include:




Army Reserve

U.S. Marine Corps


VSE supports power generation/distribution systems with:





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