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Amphibious Vehicles
Amphibious Vehicles Photo VSE’s expertise in amphibious vehicle support, from vehicle design through logistics and maintenance, dramatically improves the mission effectiveness, capability, and longevity of these systems.

VSE offers a long history of amphibious vehicle support covering every phase of the system lifecycle. VSE served as the vehicle design contractor for the AAV7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles for the USMC. Since that time, VSE has provided comprehensive support to AAV family vehicles covering logistics support services; configuration management; engineering support; systems integration; field service support; prototype design, manufacturing, installation, and testing; system assessment, analysis, integration, testing/testing support; maintenance and repair; and training.

VSE’s amphibious vehicle systems integration support includes a full range of communication, navigation, electronic, survivability, suspension, firepower, mobility, and powerplant systems. In support of the AAV7A1 alone, VSE has prepared and processed more than 400 engineering change proposals (ECPs), and designed, fabricated, and installed more than 150 prototype and mock-up systems including improved suspension, drivers display, application of enhanced appliqué armor kits, and auxiliary power units.





VSE’s amphibious vehicle support clients include:

  US Marine Corps  

VSE supports amphibious vehicles with:





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