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Tracked Vehicles
Tracked Vehicles PhotoVSE has served as the vehicle design agent or systems technical support (STS) contractor for a variety of tracked vehicles, providing comprehensive prototyping, fabrication, technology insertion, configuration management, and maintenance support.

The depth of VSE’s tracked vehicle experience is best demonstrated by our continuous service as the STS contractor for the M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (FAASV) since 1988. VSE has provided engineering and logistics expertise and systems technical support for the FAASV through all three of its model changes - the M992, M992A1, and M992A2. VSE’s total systems lifecycle support to the FAASV includes design, redesign, engineering analysis, system integration, prototype fabrication, ILS, configuration/TDP management, technology insertion, and field service support.

VSE’s range of expertise also includes technical and logistics support contractor for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and amphibious assault vehicles, including serving as the vehicle design contractor for the AAV7A1, and providing ongoing engineering and technical support services to the AAV family of vehicles.





VSE’s tracked vehicle support clients include:





VSE supports tracked vehicles with:





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