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Trailers & Shelters PhotoVSE provides total lifecycle support to military trailer and shelter systems to ensure producibility, ease of maintenance, reliability, maintainability, safety, lifecycle cost effectiveness, and interface/system integration.

VSE has provided systems technical support to the entire US Army family of trailers, including both in-production and out-of-production trailers. VSE’s services include acquisition management; design engineering; prototyping; insertion of state-of-the-art technologies into current product lines; integration of redesigned/new parts, components, subsystems, and processes into the current system; manufacture of parts, components, or subsystem kits; development of test programs; trade, engineering, and logistic studies and analyses; physics-based modeling and simulation; reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) programs; configuration management (CM); and integrated logistic support.

VSE has designed and fabricated thousands of parts, components, subsystems, and systems for trailers and shelter systems. Highlights of VSE’s experience include the design, build, and test of Tactical Message System (TMS), AN/TYC-24(V)1 units, and the modification and fabrication of AIX Shelter Systems to support testing and repair of electronic equipment in the field.





VSE’s trailer and shelter support clients include:




Army Reserve

US Marine Corps

State & Local Governments


VSE supports trailer and shelter systems with:





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