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Wheeled Vehicles
Wheeled Vehicles Photo VSE's engineering and sustainment capabilities provide lifecycle systems support for military wheeled vehicles, providing complete design, engineering, systems integration, ILS, and maintenance support.

VSE offers extensive experience in Service Life Extension Programs for wheeled vehicles, including product improvements and engineering upgrades for the USMC’s Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs). The program required extending the service life of the LAVs through 2015 by integrating to the vehicle configuration.

VSE also offers technology insertion program expertise such as engineering support for the M915A4 Glider program, using commercial industry’s “glidering” technique, and initiating the Advanced Technology Demonstrator, a M915A2 line haul tractor equipped with over 20 state-of-the-art technologies designed to improve vehicle performance, crew safety, and reduce lifecycle maintenance costs. Our experience also includes comprehensive condition assessments and proof-of-principle efforts on combat service support equipment including scoop loaders, forklifts, trailers, fuel and water tankers, shop vans, fire trucks, and generators.





VSE’s wheeled vehicle support clients include:



Army Reserve



VSE supports wheeled vehicles with:





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