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VSE designs and maintains management systems that provide total visibility and control for mission-critical assets around the world.


VSE’s automated database development and management experience covers a variety of asset management applications and clients. This experience includes supporting the Air Force with programming for the missile reliability asset monitoring system and the tactical missile reporting system and database administration, programming, and data analysis support for the combat ammunition system . Additionally, VSE developed a Navy weapon information system to integrate several data bases used to manage their air-launched weapons.

Other VSE accomplishments have included designing an Interactive Configuration Management system for the Army that increased data capture productivity by up to 75 percent while doubling accuracy rates; automating the inventory process for the SIDEWINDER missile logistics program; and establishing the HARPOON weapon system configuration data repository for the Navy.





VSE’s asset management system clients include:


USAF Air Combat Command

USAF Mobility Command

Army Materiel Command

Army Research Laboratory



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