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VSE designs and maintains systems that facilitate and automate the maintenance of diverse platforms from missiles to ships to aircraft.


VSE’s maintenance management systems expertise ranges from developing applications to track depot maintenance actions on tactical missiles to maintenance planning systems for national navies to a full-scale maintenance automation, diagnostics, and prognostics system for aircraft fleets.

The prime example of VSE’s capabilities has been our support for the development of and lifecycle software support for the F/A-18 Automated Maintenance Environment (AME). In support of this program, VSE has integrated Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), ground-based diagnostic software, an aircraft flight data preprocessor data stripper, a backbone enterprise-wide maintenance management system, and a diagnostician and prognostics framework. The result is an AME that provides global fleet-wide asset/inventory management functions, single point control of fleet baseline configuration, usage parameters, life consumption and maintenance plan enforcement.





VSE’s maintenance management system clients include:


USAF Air Combat Command



Foreign Governments

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