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missile systems
missile systems PhotoVSE provides total lifecycle support to missile systems ranging from requirements planning to maintenance and configuration management to foreign military sales to re-establishing industrial support capability for legacy systems.

VSE’s missile system support includes planning, research, development, analysis and technical support to support Joint Service operational requirements for guided missiles, explosive components, and associated launch and ground support equipment. For example, VSE provides complete logistics management support for the AIM-9 SIDEWINDER missile system, including maintaining worldwide inventory data, manages input/output for the AIM-9 missile depot repair program. Additionally, VSE supports Foreign Military Sales and all logistics aspects of the HARPOON and TOMAHAWK missile system for the U.S. Navy and FMS customers.

Another highlight of VSE’s experience has been establishing the capability to build, test, repair, and store ASROC missiles, for which Government and industrial capability was previously non-existent. VSE developed and defined the requirement parameters; conducted a facility survey; and supported the NAVSEA in building and establishing an ASROC assembly and test facility. The quality of the work led to NAVSEA designating VSE as the In-Service Engineering Agent for ASROC to perform quality engineering evaluations of ASROC IMA facilities and procedures, and conduct certification audits of foreign navies.





VSE’s missile system support clients include:



USAF Air Combat Command



Foreign Government


VSE supports missile systems with:





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