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Munitions PhotoVSE has significant experience in providing engineering, manufacturing process improvement, logistics, and technical support services for air launched missiles, armament systems, conventional ordnance, ammunition, targets, and associated test/support equipment.

VSE has significant experience and capabilities in engineering, 1ogistics, and technical support disciplines and has applied those capabilities to a wide range of DOD programs involving research, development, production, deployment, operation, and maintenance of military weapon systems. VSE’s range of expertise includes fuses, small caliber ammunition, hand grenades, artillery weapons, propulsion system components, mines, countermines, area denial weapons and devices, non-lethal devices, large and medium direct fire weapons and ammunition, fire control systems, warheads and sensors, weapon development processes (such as aeroballistics analysis, producibility analysis), and armament materials (such as propellants, explosives, packaging).

VSE is one of the only companies in the world that can offer munitions management experience that includes actual hands-on maintenance and training support at the organizational and intermediate maintenance levels; design, prototype, systems, and maintenance engineering support at depot and field activity levels; and acquisition and 1ogistics engineering support at Systems or Major Command Headquarters levels.

Additionally, VSE’s Enterprise Excellence SM /Lean Six Sigma consulting services have been used throughout DoD to improve munitions production and support. VSE’s efforts have resulted in the formation of the Ammunition Enterprise, which integrates the Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs) – Ammunition, Joint Munitions Command, and many Army suppliers. Implementation of VSE’s Lean Six Sigma program has improved the complete life-cycle (e.g., R&D, acquisition, manufacturing, quality, cost, schedule, and risk) of artillery systems and ammunition from small arms to 155MM artillery projectiles.





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