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VSE has been integrally involved in mine detection technologies for more than two decades, from performance analysis of original AN/PRS-8 to logistics support for today’s HSTAMIDS mine detector.

VSE has led the R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and ILS efforts for numerous mine detection systems. VSE has led analysis of microwave and ground penetrating radars, thermal neutron activation, gamma ray, Compton backscatter, photon backscatter, trace gas or vapor detection and other sensor systems to dramatically improve detection technologies and system test and evaluation procedures.

VSE has also supported the engineering, manufacturing, and development phase for the new HSTAMIDS mine detector, and has been a leader in the development of highly accurate Simulant Mines for testing of ground penetrating radar, thermal infrared, or small metal land mine detectors.





VSE’s mine detection support clients include:





VSE supports mine detection systems with:




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