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VSE develops advanced sensor systems to protect critical assets, preserve life, and maintain effective command and control in remote environments.


VSE has a long history of engineering advanced sensor systems. Highlights of VSE’s accomplishments range from development of a Life Detector to provide assessment of mass casualties in an NBC environment that correctly identified heartbeats in 100% of its trials, compared with predecessor systems that were only 70% accurate; to development of an improved Digital Seismic Listening Device to support U.S. Army efforts to detect tunnels.

Additionally, VSE supports numerous agencies in developing “Fusion Centers” to effectively integrate systems, sensor, and human-generated data into cohesive knowledge management and real-time command and control centers. A highlight of our accomplishments was the development of the multi-source command and control center responsible for monitoring the No-Fly Zone over Iraq .





VSE’s sensor systems clients include:



U.S. Air Force


State & Local Governments


VSE supports sensor systems with:



Information Technology

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