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VSE provides technical support for virtually all hull, mechanical, and electrical (HM&E) systems in existence onboard U.S. vessels.


VSE provides assessment, modernization, industrial/pier-side refurbishment, technical assistance, training and logistics support for HM&E systems for U.S. Navy, USCG, foreign military sales, and other vessels, and at various CONUS and OCONUS shore facilities. VSE’s complete HM&E support includes shipboard material condition assessments, inspections, examinations, analysis and ultrasonic testing/data recording, on-site training of ship’s force, and making recommendations in the areas of maintenance planning and/or repair. VSE also provides worldwide installation of repair and/or replacement parts or alteration kits.

VSE’s support has been instrumental in: reducing maintenance costs, improving ship readiness, minimizing unplanned repairs, enhancing safe operation of ship systems and equipment, and elevating ships force quality of life.





VSE’s HM&E support clients include:



U.S. Coast Guard

Foreign Governments


VSE supports HM&E systems with:





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