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VSE’s steam propulsion and gas turbine engine expertise provides unmatched inspection, maintenance, and training support to clients around the world.

VSE has significant expertise in steam propulsion plant support including boiler inspections and repairs. VSE offers one of the deepest teams of NAVSEA-, NAVFAC- and ASME-certified boiler/pressure vessel inspectors in the world, and maintains a cadre of personnel qualified to perform boiler repair. VSE also offers extensive steam propulsion plant inspection, operation, and maintenance training expertise, providing certification courses around the world. The effectiveness of VSE’s programs is demonstrated by the fact that typical success rates for NDT Level III examinations is about 75 percent, while VSE trained candidates have been 100% successful.

VSE offers similarly distinguished expertise in gas turbine engine support services, providing inspection, repair, and overhaul services. VSE also offers training in the operation and maintenance of gas turbine engines and related equipment, including formal and OJT instruction in maintenance planning, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting/repair.





VSE’s propulsion support clients include:



U.S. Coast Guard

Foreign Governments


VSE supports propulsion systems with:





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