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Consulting PhotoVSE's management sciences consulting services are an integral part of our training programs and focus directly on practical applications that affect the bottom-line of your organization.

VSE’s unique strength in providing management solutions to our clients lies in our consulting support, delivered both on an as-needed basis, and as an integrated part of each of our product and process improvement training programs. Through this integration, clients receive ongoing mentoring and coaching support to more effectively apply improvement methodologies and tools in real-world applications that produce measurable effectiveness and efficiency improvements in their organizations.

VSE offers an experienced group of management sciences consultants which includes engineers, analysts, and management professionals who are nationally and internationally recognized experts in product and process improvement. We provide comprehensive training, consulting, and implementation support in the areas of: Enterprise ExcellenceSM, Lean Six Sigma, process and product optimization, project management, quality engineering, quality systems deployment, Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD), Reliability Engineering, and leadership.

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