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Obsolence Management PhotoVSE offers the unique ability to leverage and integrate expertise in engineering, manufacturing, repair, and logistics support for legacy systems to provide innovative solutions to meet obsolescence demands.

Obsolescence management has become critical to military systems due to rapid technology advancements and to fill the gap between legacy and objective force infrastructures. VSE’s obsolescence management capabilities provide solutions throughout the systems lifecycle. VSE’s range of capabilities, particularly in the areas of reverse engineering and acquisition engineering, enables us to select and execute the most effective resolutions to Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) challenges.

VSE engineers analyze obsolescence items to locate and analyze similar COTS parts for form, fit, function, and ruggedization to identify potential replacements, and prepare any engineering changes or waivers that may be required to adopt the substituted item. VSE also provide equipment redesign to design out obsolete items via engineering changes at various system levels, to enhance system performance, and improve reliability and maintainability. We also provide for alternate sourcing by developing the specifications and technical data necessary to develop new aftermarket sources to reproduce obsolete parts.


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