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Supply Chain ManagementVSE's solutions address every aspect of supply chain management processes to manage and optimize the many facets of the supply chain, from supply management to demand management to transportation and logistics.

Government supply chains are more complex and dynamic than ever, as supplier bases become increasingly multi-tiered, and dependence on outsourced manufacturing and services expands. Problems with a single supplier, or even a supplier's supplier, can bring entire programs to a halt. That’s why VSE’s solutions provide for requirements-based strategic network design and operational planning for the entire supply chain.

VSE’s network design and optimization programs structure fulfillment, transportation, manufacturing, and supply networks through a total cost, quality, schedule, and risk evaluation approach. Through inventory optimization, VSE helps clients establish and position inventories of the right amount, at the right place, at the right time; and optimally configures and manages safety stocks and life-, capacity-, and time-constrained inventory.

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